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LdeW cigars are hand rolled in Honduras following a long established tradition dating back to the Maya era. In the early 60's, Cuban immigrants brought seeds, plants, trained cigar rollers and know-how to Honduras and thereby contributing to the high quality of today's products. LdeW is a private label brand created in 1995 by Leslie Wittwer.
LdeW is a second generation incarnation of a passion for cigar smoking, where Leslie Wittwer learned the secrets of fine manufacture of quality cigars from her father, himself an aficionado and cigar producer.

The LdeW cigars are elegant, medium-bodied cigars, created from the finest leaf grain tobacco (both inside and out) with an attractive brown «colorado» wrapper, for an extra soft touch. Every model in the entire collection has a sweet earthiness flavour in the first third, developing into a more powerful cigar in the second third.
The LdeW cigars are flawlessly made, burn evenly, producing a firm, grey, regular ash.
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LdeW cigars are partners in major Polo tournaments in Switzerland and active in Golf competitions.
Our cigars can also be found in selected fine restaurants, hotels, bars and retailers throughout Switzerland. Please contact us to find out where and how you can most conveniently get your favourite LdeW!

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