LdeW Production

Each LdeW cigar undergoes three separate steps of quality control (growing, ageing and rolling stages) under the critical eyes of Cuban and Honduran specialists.

The LdeW cigars are made from the following strains:
Filler: Piloto Cubano
Binder: Piloto Cubano
Wrapper: Connecticut

Three to four Piloto Cubano leaves are blended by experienced hands, delicately rolling the tobacco into the binder leaf, Olor.
The only two instruments used are the CALIBRATA or GAUGE and the CHAVETA. Here you can see both of them.

The cigars LdeW are them pressed in special wooden forms, where the front end of the cigars are cut.

An attractive and soft Connecticut wrapper leaf is then cut to size, into which each cigar is carefully draped.
Before the LdeW cigars go on sale, they are aged and stored during a minimum of 90 days in a dark, cedar-wood panelled room to ensure just the right level of flavour and maturity.

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